Pictures of Lawyers Wig: A simple guide to Buying Law Wig and Gowns pt 1 2023

pictures of lawyers wigs
Pictures of lawyers wigs

Pictures of Lawyers Wig

Lawyer wigs come in several types and shapes. Which can be quite confusing to the simple eye.

There are over 50 Variations of handmade Lawyers wigs as of 2022. I mean 50 variations of the Barristers Wigs. There’s also wigs worn by Judges and Ceremonial Occasions. For the context of this blog lets focus on.

Pictures of Lawyers wig.

Pictures of Lawyers wig

Pictures of lawyers wig

At Legalcode, we have the Associate Package Wig. Made of Sophisticated wool to replace the traditional cow tail wigs common among very old lawyers. Well, cowtail? Yeah, you will never know unless you are told. These Cowtail wigs have been thoroughly washed, bleached and treated that you might never know it was made from the tail of a cow. 

If you have anyone practicing for over a decade, there’s a 90% chance they are wearing a wig made out of a cow’s tail.

pictures of Lawyers wig
Picture of old lawyers WIgs

This Lawyers wig comes hard and stif. Itchy when worn for long. It was for this reason our partners sought to find out other materials that could make a more comfortable lawyer wig for our customers. 

Pictures of Lawyers Wig

Associate Package Lawyer Wig

Out of the love for the legal profession and the comfort of the legal practitioners. We had to came up with something light weight, easy to wear and also affordable for  Lawyers.

Comes in 3 Tops

Pictures of lawyer wig
Pictures of Lawyers Wig (Plane Top)
pictures of lawyer wig
Pictures of Lawyers Wig (Interlock Top)

pictures of lawyers wigs
Picture of Lawyers Wig (Chain Top wigs have their top clustered together)

Advocate Package Wig

Lawyer And Barristers Wigs
Pictures of Lawyers wig

This is a Barristers Wig Made of a Mixture of Wool and Shire Horse tail. Made to give you a soft and silky feel that comes with the horse hair.

Partner Package Wig

Lawyer And Barristers Wigs
Pictures of Lawyers wig and gown

Prime wig woven out of Akhal-Teke horse hair. There’s only a few of these out there and that’s because of the animal policy of trimming this elegant scarce breed. The opaque core of the hair is narrower and in some cases even absent. This allows the light to shine right through the wig, though it refracts it a little. The end result is that of a shimmery gold look.

Some people have been able to clone this Wig with synthetic threads, dyes and factory made hairs making a refurbished copy of the wig. I will provide a video showing how to differentiate between the original and copy of these wigs.

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