Where Can I Buy Judge Wig?

Where can I buy Judges wigs in Nigeria?

Where can I buy wigs for Senior Advocate aka SAN?

Where can I buy bench Wigs?

These have been my most frequent question these days..

where can I buy judge wig in Nigeria

“Ola, where can I purchase Wigs for Judges? I need one for my Dad”

So, last week a friend of mine’s Dad was going to be a Judge in Nigeria and she found it best to surprise her him with a Judge Wig. 

We used to be close friends back then at Law School but something something happened and we lost contact. Fortunately, reconnected again at the recent NBA Conference and I was so happy to be of help to my friend. 

Thank God this time it wasn’t our hostel usual. Lol. She wanted to buy Judges Wig for her Dad and I was the only one in her sweet mind.

 Like, Why wouldn’t you think of me? Me,  Ola Jagaban of Purchasing!

I guess she remembered how I saved my class thousands of Naira from exorbitant pricing of Lawyers wigs by introducing them to an affordable vendor that sells high quality Lawyer Apparels. I don’t think anyone in my class should forget my ever Loving benevolence.

Now that Super Ola the Purchasing Hero has been called to duty I took my phone and made some calls. After listening to prices from different vendors I started to understand why judges don’t smile in the courtroom that much. No wonder Justice Igbinedion (Not his real name) will just look at you one kind when your barrister is not barristering in court. 

The prices I heard on the phone were scary. However scary I could lay my hands on one of the most affordable price listings. Plus I am sure of the high Quality Gowns and wigs they have since I bought my Barristers Wig and Gowns from them.

Their Judge wig is priced N200,000

  • Red Judge Ceremonial Robe: N 300,000

  • Judges Working Robe (without Rosette): N 200,000

  • Lace Stock : N 50,000

  • Cravat: N 50,000

  • Gloves: N 10,000

  • Ceremonial Jacket: N 150,000

  • Morning striped Trouser: N 70,000

  • Ceremonial Wig: N 750,000

In all the complete package totals 1,730,000.

Though I haven’t been in the courtroom more than fifteen times since I got called to bar in 2019 but I can tell you that my Law Wig and Gown can be sold to any Lawyer that’s interested as new.

I do have colleagues who haven’t frequented the court as much I have done as of the time of this article but have their gowns have turned ash from the first wash. 

You don’t want that to be you right? After my friend Jessica I have had more people asking me “Where can I buy Judge Wigs?” Babe, don’t go far Legalcode. How much is Judge Wig? Judge wigs cost about N500,000 – N1,200,000 on the average but as of the time I got for my friend, Legalcode was selling at a discount of N200,000 which I believe its a lot for the bargain at the time of writing this article. 

I Believe my write will guide you or anyone who might need to buy a judge wig.

So if you find this article helpful say thank you in the comment section and share with others. It’s what gingers me to write more helpful contents.


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